Restore Your Movement Skills & Improve Your Fitness Naturally

Learn what your body is truly capable of

Natural Movement® Fundamentals is an online educational course that uses natural human movements to help you move better.

• Improve your movement skills, fitness, mobility, and conditioning naturally, for more ease and adaptability in everyday life.

• Train smart and safely with step-by-step progressions, for more efficiency and less aches, pains, and injuries.

• Increase your "practical fitness" and capability for the real world - not just the gym - so you're more prepared when "life happens" and you have to MOVE!

We partnered with our friends at Nutritious Movement to create an e-course that is a perfect introduction to Natural Movement® because we focus on training the way your body is designed.

This course is the ultimate primer to restoring your body and building your Natural Movement® practice “from the ground up.” No matter your experience level – from total novice to experienced mover – you will learn a lot about your body and move much better as a result of taking this e-course.

"Quite possibly the most exciting thing to happen to Natural Movement since the evolution of bipedalism."

"From the deskbound keyboard jockey with hips that barely move to the bonafide natural movement nerd and everyone in between, this course will help you breakdown and understand natural movement skills, then rebuild them from the ground up- for yourself or your clients. Katy Bowman provides inventive, insightful corrective exercises and perception drills to help you decipher the nuance of the movement while Danny Clark simply & expertly coaches the real world application of such skills through the proper application of MovNat techniques.

Whether your goal is to become a MovNat Certified Trainer or you are already an MCT looking for ways to improve your coaching skills and client movement skills, this course is definitely for you. Even if you just consider yourself a Katy Bowman & MovNat superfan who just wants to move better with less pain and more grace & agility, this course will help you achieve those goals as well. " - Dr. Christa M. Whiteman, DC

Founder of Evolve Movement + Wellness, Katy Bowman Superfan since ‘09

Build Movement Freedom in 7 Lessons

What's Inside The Course

This course is broken up according to MovNat movement domains: starting with Ground Movement and concluding with Climbing. This structure creates a great conceptual framework for both learning and teaching. You'll be able to see how the restorative movements blend seamlessly with the targeted movement domain - and vice versa - making this toolkit exceptionally logical, cohesive, and usable.
  • Lesson 1: Ground Movement

  • Lesson 2: Crawling

  • Lesson 3: Gait

  • Lesson 4: Lifting & Carrying

  • Lesson 5: Throwing & Catching

  • Lesson 6: Jumping

  • Lesson 7: Climbing

Find the balance between restorative and challenging movement.

Each lesson module is roughly one hour long and is split into two parts. The first part is about 30 minutes of simple restorative movements, led by Katy Bowman. These movements will help you gain the requisite range of motion, control, body awareness, and joint integrity to be in better alignment for the more complex movements to follow. Danny Clark takes over for the second half of the lesson to reinforce optimal biomechanics and get you moving through more practical, technical, and challenging natural movements from the MovNat curriculum.

Meet Your Instructors

As the Performance Director and a Master Instructor at MovNat, Danny Clark, CSCS “sets the bar” for rigorous and thorough MovNat certification standards. He is a world-class athlete, a scholar in evolutionary biology and archaeology, and has extensive knowledge of exercise science and S&C programming. His unique skill set and expertise enables him to develop thorough and highly informed MovNat movement progressions and performance programming standards, as well as class profiles for MovNat Gym and Class Licensees.

Danny Clark


Katy Bowman is a biomechanist by training and a problem-solver at heart. Her award-winning podcast Move Your DNA reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, and thousands have taken her live classes. Katy is the author of eight books, including the best-selling Move Your DNA and Movement Matters, a collection of essays in which she continues her groundbreaking investigation of the mechanics of our sedentary culture and the profound potential of human movement.

Katy Bowman


Gain Physical Confidence and Competence

Feedback From Our Students

“As a long time practitioner and teacher of MovNat, I know that "good movement" is all about the details. Building a strong foundation of alignment and mobility is key for both safety and performance as we pursue fitness or other physical endeavors. MovNat & Nutritious Movement have teamed up to create an amazing online education course to help students build this strong foundation to grow their practice of Natural Movement. For anyone interested in relieving chronic pain and moving naturally, I can't recommend this course enough!”

Kellen Milad, MS, MovNat Team Instructor & Creator of Movement Parallels Life

“This course is an absolute must for anyone wanting to reclaim their physical confidence and competence. I have long understood the importance of MovNat for being a great way to help people go back and rebuild their movement foundations but I have met people on my journey who feel that it would be “too advanced" for them. Now with Katy Bowman collaborating, there’s no more excuses. I would recommend this for individuals wanting to further their own journey of health and movement but also for coaches who want to gain a deeper understanding of the human organism for the benefit of their clients.”

Matt Rutley, Owner of Stage 6 Health & Fitness, Human Movement Coach & Bush Skills Instructor

“This course is a must for anyone that is interested in MovNat, but feels that perhaps they need a slower and more gradual introduction. It starts with simple and easy movements that give you the best chance to progress without injury. It would also be good preparation for a MovNat workshop or certification.”

Craig Rice, MovNat Master Trainer

For Professionals & Serious Enthusiasts

Deepen Your Understanding Of Natural Movement® Fitness

  • Diverse Examples To Watch And Learn From

    A big benefit of this e-course is the group format, which allows you to witness a variety of bodies, ages, and genders practicing the movements and drills. This format allows for a wider range of movement progressions and variations. This will be helpful to those who need modifications and those who are coaches and want to understand how to offer effective modifications to movements.

  • A Robust Toolkit For Professionals

    For any trainer, coach, or therapist, the ability to progress your students effectively is dependent on the depth of your toolkit. Watching how Danny and Katy progress from micro to macro movements - with the common goal of developing practical, natural movements - will help you work more effectively with a wider variety of students as a health and fitness or movement professional.

  • Excellent Preparation For MovNat Certifications And Workshops

    Whether you are considering embarking on your journey toward achieving MovNat Level 1 certification, continuing onto the more challenging Level 2, or simply attending a workshop, this e-course will ensure you show up with an solid foundation for success.

Move Better By Fixing Your Weakest Links

Feedback From Our Students

“Having started my own natural movement journey in the early stages of MovNat before so many excellent resources were available, I am astonished and excited to see this new e-course and the immense resource it constitutes for Natural Movement practitioners all around the world. The in-depth teaching from both Danny and Katy is incredible and pairs perfectly the restorative approach (which we all need living in this sedentary western society) of Nutritious Movement with the practical, adaptable, efficient approach which we promote at MovNat. I am very confident that this e-course will help many people like yourself get back to a healthy way of moving naturally from the comfort of your home before stepping outside and exploring your full potential. Hats off for this incredible work!”

Jerome Rattoni, MovNat Team Instructor

“As a Team Instructor, I’ve known MovNat to be comprehensive, adaptable and systematic, but the new layers added to the MovNat system by the lens of Katy Bowman's "micro nutrients" have given me a whole new language and set of skills to augment my repertoire. In these videos, Danny Clark demonstrates the practical purpose of the MovNat skills and shares ways to adapt them to most people. Katy Bowman then further breaks down each skill. If you have had trouble in the past with achieving efficiency in a MovNat skill, Katy's breakdown will help highlight individual body parts and their unique role within that skill to help you gain the missing movement efficiency. Whether you work as a fitness professional or just want to improve your personal movement, I highly recommend these videos. You will be learning incredible skills from the best in the industry, as well as gaining knowledge to be able to adapt them to a very wide range of people.”

Melissa Sher, NTP, MovNat Master Trainer & Team Instructor, Founder of POINT Gym and Kitchen and Dirty Health Co.

“This is a fantastic series of Natural Movement instructional videos! It breaks down movement to a very digestible level for the beginner, while supplying practical insight for the seasoned trainer. It's clear and concise, easy to follow and the pace and video production quality is spot on. Katy and Danny are very personable too, with Katy walking you through the “movement micronutrients" and then handing off to Danny, who takes you through the practical uses of the Natural Movement equivalents. What a great concept! Having these two Masters of Movement as guides, with these complimentary disciplines, is a really complete way of approaching this practice. Well done!”

Eric Brown, NATM Fitness, Former Navy SEAL & NAVSPECWARCEN Instructor of the Year


  • What exactly will I receive when I order?

    You will receive instant access to the whole program via a private e-course portal, which contains all the course materials. This includes all seven lesson videos. In total, there are 6 hours and 13 minutes of footage in this course. There are also a couple of surveys and other resources to help us serve you better.

    Note: You will have lifetime access to the e-course. So, you can go through it whenever you'd like and however many times you'd like. You will NOT receive a physical package in the mail since this product is in digital format that can be viewed on your computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. The videos are only available in streaming format (i.e. they are not downloadable).

  • Do I need any equipment?

    You’ll need a computer or mobile device that can connect to the internet and stream video. You'll also need a place to balance (e.g. line on the floor, 2x4 board, etc.), a place to hang from (e.g. horizontal bar, door frame, etc.), and something to lift and carry (e.g. household items or free weights if you have them, etc.).

  • What Natural Movement skills will I learn?

    You'll learn both micro- and macro-level movements from the following domains: Ground Movement, Crawling, Gait, Jumping, Climbing, Lifting, Carrying, Throwing, and Catching.

  • What if I’m old or out of shape?

    We designed this program to be accessible to everyone, including complete beginners. So, even if you're old, overweight, out of shape, and totally inexperienced with Natural Movement, if you're healthy enough to exercise, you can use this program.

  • How long does this program take?

    There are seven lesson modules, each of which lasts for roughly one hour.

  • Can I do this along with other physical training?

    Absolutely! This course can serve as a supplement to your other fitness, movement, and athletic pursuits.

  • What if I can't do some of the movements?

    Welcome to the club! This is totally normal. You'll likely find some of the movements in this program hard and others quite easy. Everyone is different. So, we'll give you plenty of variations to challenge yourself at the appropriate level.

  • What if I am unhappy with this course?

    We have a 14-day money back guarantee policy. So, if you're not happy with your investment, contact us ([email protected]) within the first 14 days of your purchase and we'll send you a full refund.

  • Will this prepare me for a MovNat workshop or certification?

    Students who complete this course will have a greater understanding of Natural Movement, the principles that govern the practice, and how to implement them. You'll also have dozens of unique tools that will give you a definite advantage at your course(s).

Watch Intro Video

Is This Course Right For You?

About The Natural Movement® Fundamentals Course

"I will have to go through each lesson pausing and taking notes probably every 20 seconds if I want to absorb even half the knowledge shared."

I purchased the MovNat / Nutritious Movement e-course yesterday and only had time to watch around 20 mins of it...My initial impression: the production quality of the video content is really excellent. Image and sound at best quality, multiple cameras, multiple persons demonstrating, the editing is very sharp, etc. 10/10 here. The content is also top quality and ridiculously dense. I will have to go through each lesson pausing and taking notes probably every 20 seconds if I want to absorb even half the knowledge shared. 10/10 as well.

Conclusion: highly recommended for everyone, from beginners to advanced. I'm certified at level 2 but I will benefit highly from the moves shared by Katy Bowman and intended for more beginner students. Huge congrats to the MovNat and Nutritious Movement teams for making this a reality! - Julien Le Nestour

Level 2 MCT, Foresighted Fitness

"I did the first module the other day, and I absolutely LOVED it!"

"I think it's great and so glad Katy is involved in it! I was even able to get my husband (who never moves!) to do it with me, so I hope he finishes it with me. He even said to me the day after "after doing the training yesterday, I am now really noticing how I'm using my back to do things rather than my hips"! Of course, I had to mention that this is what I have been trying to tell him for years! Anyway, please pass this onto Katy and thank her for me! I think the collaboration with MovNat will bring on board many more people. In other words, I could never get my husband to do any of Katy's stuff before, but having the MovNat with her I think was the ticket. Slowly but surely I'll get him moving…" - Jackie Holtzman

Customizable To Fit Your Individual Goals

Clear And Flexible Instructions

The simple, consistent format allows you to tailor and easily modify your viewing selections based on your goals and schedule. Only have 20 minutes and want to work on restorative movements for your shoulders? Simply tune into Katy’s segment on overhead range of motion in the Climbing module. Looking to challenge yourself while working on your downward jump landing technique? Skip straight to Danny’s segment in the Jumping module, then if you want another quick challenge to finish, skip over to the end of the Crawling module. Plus, in the final segment, Danny and Katy discuss the various ways this e-course can be implemented for maximum results.

Intuitively Designed With Your Success In Mind

Having taught thousands of people in person, we're now delivering that experience online.

  • Simple Follow-Along Format

    No time is spent standing around, listening to long-winded explanations. You’ll be moving the whole time. Explanations are concise, to the point, and integrated into the movement practice.

  • Personable, Engaging Content

    Both instructors are highly experienced, concise, and encouraging. The goal was to make the practice of Natural Movement® more accessible to all audiences. Therefore, both instructors convey a positive, uplifting tone to encourage you to build and develop your practice, no matter your starting point.

  • Top-Notch Production Quality

    High resolution filming, super clear sound, gentle panning, and multiple camera angles ensure the experience is as close to life-like as possible. You’ll feel like your right there with the group in the studio!

    Note: All videos contain Closed Captions in English.

Transform Your Movement & Fitness and Build Real World Capability From The Ground Up

Start Today!

Even if you've "fallen off the wagon" in the past. Even if you're under a lot of stress or simply don't have time, we believe you can do this! We've worked with so many people who were hesitant to get started, and doubtful that they could succeed, but who then took a leap of faith and decided to commit anyway.

So, if you're determined to succeed and ready to get started, this is the perfect next step for you to transform your movement, fitness, and life through a deep Natural Movement® practice.

Natural Movement® Fundamentals Will Help You Move Better - Guaranteed

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident this course will help you achieve your Natural Movement® Fitness goals, that we’ll let you try it for up to 14 days risk-free. If for any reason, you are not totally satisfied, just contact us ([email protected]) and we'll get you a full refund.

Rebuild Your Body In A Safe, Sustainable And Natural Way

Feedback From Our Students

“This collaboration between MovNat and Nutritious Movement is a perfect union. Both modalities are already centered around mindful, intentional movement. These videos inspire a truly embodied experience by examining your movement patterns on both a micro and macro level. If you really want to learn and train your body to be efficient, this program is for you. The micro focus on efficient, biomechanical alignment and how each part of your body moves and is affected by your other parts, really brings awareness to specific areas of your body that may have become misaligned throughout your life. Building this solid foundation in your micro-movement patterns sets you up for more freedom, exploration, and sustainability in your macro movements, which put all your parts together as a whole, moving body. As a MovNat Team Instructor, it would be ideal for each of my participants to follow this course before attending a certification. Doing so would not only improve their own movement quality, but it would also improve their capacity to help future movement students. Personally, as a perpetual student of movement, I am excited to revisit these videos over and over again. Our bodies are dynamic so our movement patterns are constantly changing. It is nice to have videos to follow along with at just the right pace. I love that each video is broken down into one modality so I can really dive deep into my movement quality, rather than rush through, trying to keep up. Thank you MovNat and Nutritious Movement! So stoked that a resource like this finally exists!”

Kimberly Alexander, NTP, MovNat Master Trainer & Team Instructor, Founder of POINT Gym and Kitchen and Dirty Health Co.

“In this course, the duo of Danny Clark from MovNat and Nutritious Movement's own Katy Bowman team up to present MovNat with both a macro and micro viewpoint, building a bridge between the smaller, nuanced biomechanics and the full spectrum dynamics of the practical movement. The roughly hour-long lessons provide ample instruction and homework, in clear and concise language while effortlessly connecting the viewer to the unique personalities of the presenters in a high quality video production. While this course is certain to be popular with those wanting to get involved with MovNat, I believe it should also be embraced by those already adept in the system to review and upgrade their knowledge base. The detail and depth of understanding relating to the underlying mechanisms, coupled with the gross motor patterns of practicality and adaptability, is absolutely world class. I'll be diving into this again as a second, third, and fourth view will be necessary in order to extract all of the potent and highly valuable insights.”

Stefano Tripney, MovNat Master Trainer & Team Trainer, MNOC Director

“I’ve been a professional in the fitness industry for over 20 years and studied sports science at a university level. Through this time, working in all modern perspectives on movement, I was left with one big question- what is the true nature of the difference between ‘sport’ and ‘rehab’ and ‘fitness’ and more importantly, what is it all for? What is the ultimate point? What’s the use of all this superficial conditioning, short-sighted symptomatic interventions and injury-provoking competition? What or where is real world, healthy human fitness to be found? My answer came when I stumbled over MovNat and it immediately fell like scales from my eyes: The root cause of all problems is the lack of Natural Movement and thus the cure is MovNat. Through practicing and coaching MovNat, I now had the framework to teach people, with a progressive and individualized entry point, a perspective and skills to develop to achieve that real-world, healthy human fitness. And you know what? It worked fantastically! And now, another revelation has come in the form of this e-course. Two revolutionary systems of MovNat and Nutritious Movement have teamed up to create the first complete natural and holistic answer to the ailments of modern women and men. This series features two professionals, not only with deep knowledge about the human body, but also the wisdom and understanding of the needs of the whole human organism-- as an individual and a species. Katy teaches perfectly the subtleties of a movement, needed to recondition a sedentary body for more robust movement and this leads seamlessly into the performance of the most basic Natural Movements, instructed by Danny. I’d recommend this course for everybody who wants to reconstruct their bodies in a safe, sustainable and natural way. This is not a merely a paradigm shift and also not a revolution, this is back to the success story of the human species!”