Move Better, Become More Capable, and Feel at Ease in Your Body

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MovNat® Mobility is a revolutionary four-week program built with simple, practical movements that can be applied to your everyday life.

Each week, you'll progress through three 30-minute sessions that build your range of motion, motor control, and coordination so you can gain the freedom and power to move with ease and confidence.

MovNat Mobility will help you:

  • Learn the fundamentals of restorative movement
  • Build your mobility from the ground up
  • Give your body the freedom to move well for a lifetime

Not ready yet? That’s okay. Keeping reading to find out how we can help transform the way you move.

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What is MovNat Mobility?

Your Foundation for Better Movement

This Brand New MovNat Mobility E-Course Has One Core Purpose:

To help you enjoy a lifetime of Natural Movement by working toward more movement freedom and ability.

  • Focus on what your body can DO and build your mobility through a MovNat lens.

    This is not your average stretching program! Improved mobility is only the beginning. You'll also get stronger and increase your competence in a variety of practical, natural movements.

  • Boost your longevity by reprogramming your daily movement habits.

    Get comfortable, confident, and competent in basic ground movements, get ups, floor sitting, and other fundamental Natural Movement skills that will serve you well and keep you moving for a lifetime.

  • Challenge yourself to become strong and resilient & exceed your expectations.

    Train smart and safely with step-by-step progressions, for more ease in everyday life and less aches, pains, and injuries.

  • Accessible and challenging for everyone.

    An ideal entry point for beginners who want to go slow, but still challenge themselves. And deep enough for experienced professionals who want to explore the subtle nuances of movement and add more tools to your repertoire.

  • Practice anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, with minimal equipment.

    Work through the program on your terms, from anywhere in the world - even in a small space.

  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

    Try it for a full month. If it's just not for you, we'll give you a full refund.

"I've already been recommending it to many of my patients."

Movement Should Build You Up, Not Break You Down

“I am a 61-year-old athlete and mover that has sustained a long list of injuries from surfing, hiking, and cycling -- making some programs hard to navigate. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with MovNat Mobility; an e-course that effectively breaks down complex movements into ones that are simple and easy to understand. Which is the perfect format for people who are injured, the older mover who needs to start small and progress slowly, and even the veteran MovNater who wants to get more out of their Natural Movement practice.

Kim Collier | Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer

“As a chiropractor, I routinely see and work with folks who are in pain because they essentially have chair-shaped bodies. This last year with lockdowns and never-ending online meetings has not helped. Enter MovNat Mobility, the perfect antidote. More than 'just stretching', mobility is about functional and applied range of motion. It's inherently and immediately useful in your everyday life and begins to counteract the imbalances caused by chronic sitting that can lead to pain. At this price, it's also a steal compared to co-pays and time off from work for several weeks of chiropractic care or physical therapy. I've already been recommending it to many of my patients. Do your future self a huge favor: buy this course and invest in increasing or maintaining your mobility for a longer, more joyful, pain-free life.”

Dr. Christa M. Whiteman | DC, MovNat Certified Trainer

To feel free, confident, and capable in your body, you need to master the three basic aspects of mobility.

No more feeling "broken"

But there’s a problem...
  • What you’ve tried so far doesn’t help eliminate pain or make you feel stronger.
  • You don’t feel like you have time for a new program.
  • You feel overwhelmed with all of the information out there.
  • You don’t know where to start.

MovNat® Mobility includes everything you need to transform your body and mind in easy-to-follow practice sessions.

This is the Kind of Movement Your Body Craves

Not an Ordinary Exercise Program

“I've come to MovNat from a yoga teaching background and have been really impressed with the groundwork emphasis of the system in general. I've noticed massive improvements in the balance of mobility in my lower limbs, pelvis and hips since practicing the Level 1 Fundamentals e-course. MovNat Mobility takes this to a deeper level. The course instruction is clear and concise, and I found the focus on breathing and support throughout the course really calming and centering.

I would really recommend this for someone new to MovNat looking to start learning and understanding basic movements. I would also recommend the course for those experienced in MovNat. I look forward to using MovNat Mobility to continually refine my basic movement technique.”

Johanna Paxton

“We spend on average one third of our day sitting in cars, office, house, plane, restaurants, coffee shops. This has some profound repercussions on our mobility and our well-being. The MovNat Mobility online course is a very elegant and convenient solution to this situation.

This step-by-step approach through the course of several weeks helps everyone, regardless of their age, level of fitness and limitations, to reverse the damage caused by our lack of daily movement. I really enjoyed this online course, as for me it is MovNat’s way to break "The Curse of the Seated Human”.”

Vic Verdier | MovNat Master Instructor, CSCS, BEexerSc

Gain the Power to Feel Confident and Capable

No Matter Your Starting Point or Ability Level

“I was honored to be part of the MovNat Mobility production and to check out the finished program before its release.

I'm glad I did, because it came in handy when my dog got stuck between a dense bunch of blackberry briars and a chain link fence a few weeks ago. As my friends and I brainstormed about what to do, I remembered the Knee-Forearm Crawl from my MovNat Trainer Certification Program.

Using that technique, and the fitness afforded by my MovNat Mobility sessions, I was able to crawl through the mud in the narrow gap between the briars and the fence and rescue my dog.

I literally would not have been able to do that without the skills and confidence I’ve achieved through MovNat Mobility.

Professor George Elvin | Level 1 MovNat Certified Trainer

“The MovNat Mobility program is the foundation people need to restore functionality and become more in tune with our own body mechanics. As someone who works with people with many mobility challenges, and who has struggled with it myself, I was super excited to go through this program. MovNat Mobility does an excellent job at breaking down the foundational movements needed for developing stability and fluidity, allowing the individual to progress at their own pace. Between the detailed explanations and the tutorials, I was able to add greater depth to movements I had been already practicing.

This program is a great resource for people who are sedentary, people who practice repetitive movements (including exercise), and anyone who wants to learn the right techniques for optimal range of motion. MovNat Mobility will help keep you pain and injury free, whether you are performing the tasks of daily living or preparing for a physically demanding recreational or competitive activity - making it a wonderful program no matter who you are.”

Isabel Ramirez-Burnett | Certified Master Health Coach & MovNat Level 1 Trainee

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Is This Course Right For You?

About MovNat® Mobility

What's Inside the Course?

How the Program Works

We've organized the most effective methods for improving your mobility naturally.

12 easy-to-follow classes with simple instructions to save time

Our job is not just to help you achieve your goals; it's also to make it easy for you. That's why each class is carefully designed to maximize your results in minimal time. Simply put in the effort, and we'll take care of the rest.

Progressions for all body types and ability levels

We get it. Your body has strengths and weaknesses, a unique shape, and wear and tear. That's why this course includes detailed instructions on how to make each movement work for YOU (and what to do when a certain movement is difficult for you).

Weekly goals to focus your training & challenge yourself

Having tangible goals that relate to practical, natural movements you'll actually use in real life is much more effective than using random mobility drills and exercises. So, each week, the sessions will prepare you to meet specific baseline mobility goals. For example, in your first week of training, one of your goals will be to sit in the Cross Sit position for 10 minutes with optimal posture and breathing.

Meet Your Instructor

As the Performance Director and a Master Instructor at MovNat, Danny Clark, CSCS “sets the bar” for rigorous and thorough MovNat certification standards. He is a world-class athlete, a scholar in evolutionary biology and archaeology, and has extensive knowledge of exercise science and S&C programming. His unique skill set and expertise enables him to develop thorough and highly informed MovNat movement progressions and performance programming standards, as well as class profiles for MovNat Gym and Class Licensees.

Danny Clark


The MovNat Difference

It's all in the details...

Having taught thousands of people in person, we're now delivering that experience online.

  • Expert coaching guidance.

    Expert coaching and cueing during each session to help you maximize your results and minimize the risk of going too far, too soon. The power of the program is not only in the curriculum and program design, but the guidance provided during each moment of the sessions.

  • Top-notch production value.

    High quality film production, including multiple camera angles and synchronized music to make the sessions visually appealing and fun to follow along with. It'll feel like you're right there with Danny and your team mates.

    Note: All videos contain Closed Captions in English.

  • Connection with nature.

    Filmed in a beautiful, inspiring location, this program is about connecting to your true nature so that you can experience everything your natural environment has to offer. We're confident you'll be even more eager to get outdoors with your new level of capability.

Get Life-Changing Results With MovNat

Feedback From Our Students

“If you have seen the iconic photo of Erwan Le Corre carrying a log on his shoulder and decided that MovNat is not for you, then this is the program for you!!! Danny breaks down the foundational movements into doable steps for any body - even if your body usually spends hours a day sitting in a chair. He offers lots of variations for your level of strength, flexibility, and agility. Throughout the course he suggests various household items that you can use to assist you. I'm somewhat experienced with MovNat, but still learned a lot because of the level of detailed instruction Danny gave which allowed me to experience the movements with greater ease. Who doesn't love greater ease?”

Linda Raven | Radical Life Coach

“The MovNat Mobility program made me stop and rethink my health and fitness trajectory. Unlike before, I am now evaluating what key elements I will need to add into my practice to provide long-term value for my growth and development. Ultimately, the program really “brought me back down to earth” and helped me realize that ground movements have a fundamental role in my advanced practice.

Ott Hang | MovNat Student

“No matter your current mobility status you can definitely benefit from the Movnat Mobility E-Course. It provides valuable movement sessions in convenient length of about thirty minutes. Danny, who is coaching you through this course, gives great step by step progressions how to improve your range of motion, motor control and coordination by leading you mindfully through diverse Ground Movements, Transitions between various positions Lying to Standing and some Hanging exercises. The sessions are great for a movement break during the day, to start your day in the morning, or to move in the evening. There is always something more to practise, fine tune, or simply enjoy your new found ease with certain movements.”

Kathi Havlicek | MovNat Team Instructor & MNOC Coach

Lifetime Access. Lifetime Updates. 100% Guaranteed.

The best part?

Your enrollment includes lifetime access and lifetime updates. So, you can enroll today, get started whenever you're ready, go through the program at your own pace, and repeat the course as many times as you'd like. And if it's just not for you, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly will I receive when I order?

    You will receive instant access to the whole program via a private e-course portal, which contains all the course materials. This includes all twelve MovNat classes (follow along videos), 3 expanded movement tutorial videos, a training guide (e-book), and other supplementary materials to help us serve you better. In total, there is well over 6 hours of footage in this course.

    Note: You will have lifetime access to the e-course. So, you can go through it whenever you'd like and however many times you'd like. You will NOT receive a physical package in the mail since this product is in digital format that can be viewed on your computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. The videos are only available in streaming format (i.e. they are not downloadable).

  • What Natural Movement skills will I learn?

    This program is primarily focused on Ground Movement. That said, you'll learn dozens of natural movements from the following domains: Breathing, Floor Sitting, Kneeling, Lying, Rolling, Get Ups, Crawling, Gait, Hanging, and even Lifting - along with many transitions through the various movements and positions.

  • What if I’m old, out of shape, injured, or can't perform some of the movements?

    MovNat Mobility is our most accessible program. We designed it for all ages, fitness levels and abilities, and especially for beginners. The movements are thoroughly explained and modifications are suggested for those who struggle with particular movements. This course is truly for everyone since Natural Movement is the base of ALL movement. So, even if you're old, overweight, out of shape, and totally inexperienced with Natural Movement, if you're healthy enough to exercise, you can use this program. And we're confident that it won't be long before some of those difficult movements become second nature to you. So, long story short, we made this course for people just like you!

  • Will this fix my back/knee/shoulder problems?

    It depends on what your pre-existing conditions are and whether they require medical assistance or not. What we can tell you is that this program will help you remove restrictions, increase your range of motion and motor control, build strength and stability, and make you more resilient, in general; which effectively gets at the root cause of many common injuries. Please reference the Training Guide to help you work around any pre-existing conditions. And if you need some extra assistance, we're here to help.

  • Do I need any equipment?

    The only thing required is some open floor or ground space, but a few other things will help you get the most out of the course: a bolster (e.g. pillow, towel, or yoga block), something to step under and over, a place to hang (e.g. pull up bar or tree branch), and a light object to lift (e.g. small stone or dumbbell, small bag, etc.).

    Luckily, there are many things which may already exist in your home that can be setup to provide the environment you need. We've included a module in the e-course with equipment suggestions.

    You’ll also need a computer or mobile device that can connect to the internet and stream video.

  • How long does this course take?

    Each class is roughly 30 minutes long, and we recommend going through three classes per week, for four weeks.

  • What should I do when I finish the course?

    You can get a lot accomplished in four short weeks following this program, but you'll probably still have some room to keep improving (don't we all!). Since you have lifetime access to the e-course, you can repeat the program as often as you'd like. Or, certain classes that were particularly helpful for you. The ultimate goal is to integrate what you've learned into your everyday life so that you can shift your focus to other goals.

  • How is this different from other MovNat e-courses?

    MovNat Mobility is meant for anyone who wants to improve their mobility, move with ease, and lay a foundation of basic movement skills and fitness so you can enjoy a lifetime of Natural Movement. Whereas, our flagship e-course, MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals, is primarily meant for professionals and serious enthusiasts who want a structured program to improve your foundation of movement skills and fitness - including the full spectrum of Natural Movement skills in our Level 1 curriculum. Natural Movement Fundamentals, on the other hand, is much more structured toward joint-by-joint restoration and control. And MovNat Metabolic is all about body transformation and conditioning through high intensity Natural Movement Fitness. Of all our e-courses, MovNat Mobility is the best entry point into the MovNat system. There's much to be gained here for everyone, whether you're just getting started or have many years of training under your belt.

"The quality of this course goes above and beyond the competition."

Feedback From Our Students

The MovNat Mobility ecourse is an excellent introduction to Natural Movement training for those interested in the goal of developing their mobility and range of motion, especially when coming from mat-based practices like Yoga.

This course generally aims to improve your posture, balance, and comfortable range of motion, along with deeper body awareness. Specifically, it aims to improve your deep squat mobility, deep kneeling and floor sitting capability, getting up and down from the ground with greater ease, stability in the crawling pattern, and develop more natural breathing patterns. There is a large emphasis on ground movement and slow, deliberate, satiating movement transitions.

This is an excellent low-intensity online course that you can work on at your own pace. It is very well put together and accessible to those who want to start a MovNat practice but are intimidated with some of the techniques they have seen. This is the perfect on-ramp to build a strong foundation and the confidence to get deeper in the practice without feeling overwhelmed.

Every week, you’ll be presented with clear training goals to aim for. The sessions for that week will focus on drills and movements that build the foundation for that goal. The instruction is clear and concise, the quality is above and beyond a lot of the other mainstream movement & mobility ecourses I have tried, and for the price there is a lot of content.

You should feel more limber and more relaxed as you progress, and especially after completing this ecourse, with a sense of having developed a deeper relationship with both your body and your environment.

Also if you are a trainer, or just take charge of your own training and development, and want to learn how to fit MovNat into a more restorative mobility routine, this course will definitely give you some ideas and broaden your perspective on MovNat and it’s scope.

This is the perfect addition to the family of MovNat ecourses. I recommend this course to anyone who is enthusiastic about prioritizing the improvement of their range of motion, posture and physical capability in daily life.

Alex Schenker | MCT, LST, Founder of Natural Mobility

Start Living Your Life with MovNat® Mobility

It's time for action!

We want to teach you everything we've learned about Natural Movement® Fitness so that you can feel and move better, and enjoy a deeply satisfying life.

MovNat Mobility is our most accessible and "beginner-friendly" program, but it's also a great course for experienced professionals who want to go deep into the nuances of Natural Movement®. Whether you have years of wear and tear or a pretty clean slate, we think you'll get a lot out of this course!

So, if you want to improve your movement skills, mobility, and feel GOOD because your everyday movement builds you up, and doesn't break you down, enroll in MovNat Mobility today to experience extraordinary results and a fresh, new perspective of fitness.

Even if you've gotten off track in the past or you're not sure how it's all going to work, we believe you can do this! We've worked with so many people who were hesitant to get started, and doubtful that they could succeed, but who then took a leap of faith and decided to commit anyway. And now they've transformed their movement, their body's, and their lives.

So, please make a firm commitment right now - even if you can't start right away. Your enrollment includes lifetime access and all future updates. So, you can go through the course on your own time and repeat it as many times as you want.

We'll see you in class!

MovNat® Mobility Will Help You Rapidly Improve Your Movement & Fitness - Guaranteed!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident this course will help you achieve your Natural Movement® Fitness goals, that we’ll let you try it for up to 30 days risk-free. If for any reason, you are not totally satisfied, just contact us ( and we'll get you a full refund.

Foster Longevity & Sustainability in Your Body

How about a few more success stories?

“Don't be intimidated by MovNat, just start with the Mobility Course. This MovNat mobility course is the missing link between people who want to have strong movement, but weren’t already athletes. If you’re starting from a place of stiffness and pain, this is definitely the right program to start MovNat. It’ll get you there, painlessly.”

Ashley Zappe | Beta Tester

“This series is great because you get stretched out and gain mobility through functional movements that you can use in daily life. Not only will you build mobility and strength everyday, you are fostering longevity and sustainability in your body.

Demetrius Lopez | Beta Tester

“I'm a 50 year old guy that for many years has been interested in mobility. I'm signed up for a L1/L2 certification mid 2021. I see Danny as a very professional instructor and teacher in the videos. He has an easy and understandable way of expressing the different moves. He has a high capability by demonstrating the moves both verbally and by body language. As a yoga practitioner, it's a pleasure to see the high focus on breathing.”

Klaus Andersen | Beta Tester