Regenerate Your Body Using Practical, Natural Movements that Enhance Fitness, Function, and Physical Capability

Your Foundation for Real World Capability

MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals is the official online educational course to help you begin your journey into Natural Movement® Fitness.

This course is the ultimate resource for making your fitness and movement development a regular part of your life and a natural expression of who you are. Transform your body through these structured classes as you discover a new, fresh perspective on movement and fitness.

This Brand New Level 1 Fundamentals E-Course Has One Purpose:

To help you master the fundamentals of Natural Movement® Fitness so you can get life-changing results for yourself and help others do the same.

  • Build the skill and conditioning to MOVE.

    Improve your movement skills, strength, mobility, and conditioning naturally, for more ease and adaptability in everyday life.

  • Build confidence and competence by working at your own level.

    Train smart and safely with step-by-step progressions, for more movement efficiency and less aches, pains, and injuries.

  • Get fit for the real world.

    Increase your "practical fitness" and capability for the real world - not just the gym - so you're more prepared when "life happens" and you have to MOVE!

  • For getting started and going deep.

    Simple enough for beginners, with depth for experienced professionals.

  • Practice anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, with minimal equipment.

    Work through the program on your terms, from anywhere in the world.

  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

    Try it for a full month. If it's just not for you, we'll give you a full refund.

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Is This Course Right For You?

About MovNat® Level 1 Fundamentals

What's Inside the Course?

How the Program Works

You'll find 16 classes designed to be followed over 4 weeks, with specific and measurable movement goals for each week.

8+ Hours of Engaging Content

This course was designed to be not only packed with content but also impeccably organized in its delivery. From movement-rich practice sessions to instruction-dense movement tutorials, we made this product a one stop shop for building a strong base for your Natural Movement practice.

Goal-oriented and process-focused methodology.

Each week, you will be given specific and measurable Natural Movement goals. These will help set the intention for the week, and give you a target to work toward. If you are using this as a resource for passing your Level 1 tests or simply refining your skills for levels beyond, these goals will help ensure you are on point in your practice. The course is also designed to be process-focused – meaning achievement of the set goals are just a part of the greater learning experience.

Natural progression from restorative to challenging movements.

True to MovNat’s “from the ground up approach,” we develop your practice starting at the roots: Breathing, Ground Movement, and Crawling. Novel perception drills and strategic manipulation of environment are introduced early on to ensure optimal progression to “higher” domains such as jumping, climbing, and vaulting.

Gain Physical Confidence and Competence

Feedback From Our Students

“WOW! Finally, an in-depth approach to understanding and developing your Natural Movement practice. This course is ideal for anyone looking for a methodical, step-by-step approach to improving one’s own movement. Whether you are an experienced mover or brand new to this path, this course will challenge all levels. Danny and Stefano do a great job of giving detailed explanations while slowly increasing complexity and intensity. I really appreciate the diversity of body types represented, as well as seeing how different people approach each movement. This program delivers stellar content in a highly accessible format.”

Seth Budai | MovNat Team Instructor; Owner of MovNat Asheville

“I am thrilled MovNat has launched this Level 1 Fundamentals E-Course. For those of you who plan on taking a MovNat Certification, this is a no-brainer. The reward for your investment will come in your own improved movement quality as well as the ability to really dive deep into the nuances of movement and coaching at the cert. Even if you are not looking to coach, consider this E-Course as a full workshop on how you can safely integrate Natural Movement into your training routine. The instruction is well thought out and thorough and the online format is easy to follow. This should be a resource in everyone's movement library.”

Kimberly Alexander | MovNat Team Instructor, Master Trainer, and Online Coach; Founder of POINT Gym and Kitchen

Meet Your Instructors

You’ll receive expert instruction from two of MovNat's best instructors – the very talent that teaches our certifications, runs our curriculum, and oversees our special division of online coaching. Danny and Stefano have a combined experience of over 30 years of teaching, with 10+ years of teaching Natural Movement under the direct training of our founder, Erwan Le Corre.
As the Performance Director and a Master Instructor at MovNat, Danny Clark, CSCS “sets the bar” for rigorous and thorough MovNat certification standards. He is a world-class athlete, a scholar in evolutionary biology and archaeology, and has extensive knowledge of exercise science and S&C programming. His unique skill set and expertise enables him to develop thorough and highly informed MovNat movement progressions and performance programming standards, as well as class profiles for MovNat Gym and Class Licensees.

Danny Clark


As a Team Instructor and the Director of MovNat Online Coaching, Stefano Tripney has extensive experience training students in person and from a distance. Having studied various martial arts and training modalities over his lifetime, he considers MovNat to be the synthesis of ultimate practicality and sound principles. Stefano is known for his bright energy and ability to inspire mindful execution, technical skill, physical competence and limitless creativity with his students.

Stefano Tripney


The MovNat Difference

It's all in the details...

  • Tested and proven, cutting-edge methodology.

    MovNat is the world's leading Natural Movement system for a reason, which is why doctors, physical therapists, fitness professionals, elite athletes, special forces teams, and everyday fitness enthusiasts seek us out for advice. Learn from our 10+ years of experience from teaching thousands of students all over the world.

  • In home integration.

    One of the biggest goals of this course is to bring the forces of nature into the convenience of your home. Especially for those that really need MovNat the most, practicality is key to getting started and building new habits. For this reason, we’re proud to have created a resource that allows the development of a nearly “full bodied” experience without forcing too much change at once. While the aspiration is always to connect you to nature, starting with your own body in your home environment is a great entry point!

  • Connection with nature.

    Even though this e-course is filmed inside, it's about connecting you to your natural environment. So, if you're really looking for that in-depth immersive natural movement experience, this will give you all the tools you need to go out into nature to reconnect with that source and have a great time doing it. All you need is your body and your environment.

Get Life-Changing Results With MovNat

Feedback From Our Students

“The MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals E-course is an amazing resource for anyone preparing for (or thinking about) the MovNat Level 1 Trainer Certification. By studying the MovNat system with Danny & Stefano before going to the certification you'll be able to absorb so much more information from the in-person instruction. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to establish a strong foundation in the MovNat system and fast track their progress towards becoming a top tier MovNat coach.”

Kellen Milad, MS | MovNat Master Instructor & Creator of Movement Parallels Life

“When I attended my first MovNat certification back in 2016, I didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare. I had known of MovNat for several years at that point, back when Erwan was still doing workshops and retreats in West Virginia. I was simultaneously attracted to the immersive, intensive nature of what I saw and yet deeply intimidated by it. Had something like the Level 1 Fundamentals E-course existed back then, I may not have waited so long to get my certification. Whether you have already done the Natural Movement Fundamentals course and are ready to take your next barefoot step into a total natural movement lifestyle or you’re ready to take the plunge and depth jump your way into tackling the Level 1 Certification, this course is the missing link in your evolution as a natural mover. With clear, concise instruction and measurable, attainable weekly movement goals, this course is the road map I wish I had prior to my certification.”

Dr. Christa M. Whiteman, DC | Founder of Evolve Movement + Wellness

“Although I was happy with the online material at my disposal to prepare for my MovNat Certification journey back in 2013, I have to say that I am utterly impressed by this new e-course. This is now on a whole new level. Having Danny and Stefano guiding us step by step through specific aspects of the Level 1 curriculum is absolutely awesome. Whether you are on the fence, or not sure if you are able to pass all the tests during the Level 1 certification, this e-course is the perfect tool to stack all the odds in your favor. And I would say that even if you are already a MovNat Certified Trainer, it is an amazing support to refresh your knowledge (with all the new recent updates of the program) as well as the ultimate guideline to help you coach your clients. A must-have!”

Jerome Rattoni | MovNat Master Instructor and Owner of ScarAbs Fit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly will I receive when I order?

    You will receive instant access to the whole program via a private e-course portal, which contains all the course materials. This includes all sixteen training videos, 4 benchmark videos, 3 expanded movement tutorials, a training guide (e-book), and other supplementary materials to help us serve you better. In total, there are over 8 hours of footage in this course.

    Note: You will have lifetime access to the e-course. So, you can go through it whenever you'd like and however many times you'd like. You will NOT receive a physical package in the mail since this product is in digital format that can be viewed on your computer, smart phone, tablet, etc. The videos are only available in streaming format (i.e. they are not downloadable).

  • What Natural Movement skills will I learn?

    You'll learn dozens of natural movements from the following domains: Breathing, Ground Movement, Crawling, Balancing, Jumping, Lifting, Carrying, Throwing, Catching, Vaulting, and Climbing.

  • What if I’m old, out of shape, injured, or can't perform some of the movements?

    This is a "Level 1" course for all fitness levels, ages, and abilities. In fact, it’s very well suited for those who don't consider themselves “exercisers” and/or are looking for a totally different perspective on movement and fitness. This e-course is specifically designed to rebuild the fundamental (i.e. natural) movements and fitness levels that you’ve lost over the years – for a variety of reasons. This course is truly for everyone since Natural Movement is the base of ALL movement. So, even if you're old, overweight, out of shape, and totally inexperienced with Natural Movement, if you're healthy enough to exercise, you can use this program.

  • How long does this program take?

    This e-course is designed to be completed over four weeks, and repeated as your skill and fitness improves. There are sixteen classes, each of which lasts for roughly 30-45 minutes. This time frame includes both the video lesson and some self-directed practice (i.e. homework) after the video has concluded.

  • Can I do this along with other physical training?

    Absolutely! This course can serve as a standalone training program or a supplement to your other fitness, movement, and athletic pursuits.

  • Do I need any equipment?

    This e-course was designed to be very minimal in required (or specialized) equipment. We strive to keep the barriers to practice as low as possible. That said, MovNat is fundamentally about interacting with your environment. So, at the minimum, you'll need some open floor or ground space for Ground Movement, and equipment or environment for Balancing, Stepping Under/Over, Jumping, Lifting, Carrying, Throwing, Catching, Vaulting, and Climbing.

    Luckily, there are many things which may already exist in your home that can be setup to provide the environment you need. We've included a module in the e-course with suggestions for training at home or the gym.

    You’ll also need a computer or mobile device that can connect to the internet and stream video.

  • What if I am unhappy with this course?

    We have a 30-day money back guarantee policy. So, if you're not happy with your investment, contact us ( within the first 30 days of your purchase and we'll send you a full refund.

  • Will this help me prepare for a MovNat event or certification?

    There are pros and cons to learning anything online, but the reality is it’s a really great entry point into learning something new. In our MovNat e-courses, you get to experience our instruction and initiate (or deepen) your practice of Natural Movement – all with less upfront investment. Further, the biggest benefit of the e-course is that it gives you more of a realistic time frame for your learning process - a month instead of a few days. With that said, in terms of pure skill development, nothing is as effective as hands-on instruction. For this reason, certification is only offered in-person.

    The ideal path is to start with the e-course (and/or MovNat online coaching), then attend a certification or find another in-person experience (MovNat retreat, 1 day Elements workshop, a licensed facility, meetup, etc.). The e-course will set you on the right path toward learning the skills, while also guiding you toward the requisite fitness to pass the physical tests found in the certification. If you don’t want to get certified, this e-course will also help you show up to any in-person event with a better base for learning and enjoying the practice.

  • What is the difference between MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals and Natural Movement Fundamentals?

    Both e-courses are structured in a convenient follow-along, multi-week format, and are fantastic resources for beginners who want to get started with the practice of Natural Movement.

    MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals (L1F) is much more structured toward developing your base of skill and fitness. This new e-course was designed to give you a clear framework (i.e. structure, learning, and fitness progression) to achieve specific and measurable movement goals. Each weekly set of goals was selected to develop your base of capability, which will translate to more effortless movement and confidence in any environment. It’s also an excellent resource for those who want to become a MovNat Certified Trainer, as the goals are aligned with the physical tests required by the certification. L1F contains sixteen classes that are 30-45 minutes in length (25-35 minutes led, with another 10-15 minutes of self-led practice).

    Natural Movement Fundamentals (NMF) is much more structured toward baseline body restoration. This e-course was designed more for working on your joint-by-joint restoration of natural ranges of motion and control (first half hour of each class) coupled with whole body integration (second half hour of each class). NMF has less emphasis on fitness development and goal setting compared to L1F. NMF contains seven 1 hour classes, completed at your own convenience.

    NMF is a better choice for those with more extreme limitations. L1F is a better choice for those ready to start with more integrated movements (yet L1F still does address basic limitations well, such as the inability to squat deeply).

"It is definitely worth the cost and then some."

Our students want you to know...

“My first impression of the MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals e-course is that it's the perfect resource for anyone who wants to be fully prepared for the Level 1 certification, but it is so much more than that.

16 instructional videos that walk through MovNat workouts from warm-up to combo, cover all of the vital content from the certification course. Additional expanded movement tutorials help with sticky points for a lot of people with certain techniques. There is a lot of content here, and it is worth every penny.

Even if you are not prepping for a certification course, this gives a well-balanced month of high-production-quality follow-along training videos that check all the boxes when it comes to the full scope of your MovNat practice. It's a great way to ramp up and get started.

I also think this is an amazing post-certification resource for trainers. So many people feel like they aren't ready to lead sessions for people right after being certified. With this course you can essentially watch how Danny & Stefano would lead a session, and get a better feeling of how you should be doing it. You can see and experience multiple MovNat sessions and get a better sense of how to do it yourself, familiarize yourself with the content, and build confidence in knowing what to emphasize and spend more time on.

I can tell that there is a lot of heart that went into this project, not to mention the time, effort, and energy. The result is something that you don't get anywhere else. It is definitely worth the cost and then some.

Whether you're getting ready for your L1 certification, just passed it, not even planning to do it, or have been a trainer for some time now, I think this course has value for you. I hope that you give the e-course a try and see what I mean for yourself!"

Alex Schenker | MCT, LST, Founder of Natural Mobility

For Professionals and Serious Enthusiasts

  • Relatable Ages And Body Types

    A key benefit of the group format is to witness a variety of bodies, ages, and genders practicing the movements and drills. This format allows for a wider range of movement progressions and variations. This will be helpful to those who need modifications and those who are coaches and want to understand how to offer effective modifications to movements.

  • A Robust Toolkit For Professionals

    For any trainer, coach, or therapist, the ability to progress your students effectively is dependent on the depth of your toolkit. Watching how Danny and Stefano guide their students - with the common goal of developing practical, natural movements - will help you work more effectively with a wider variety of students as a health and fitness or movement professional.

  • Excellent Preparation For MovNat Events

    Whether you are considering the MovNat Certification Program, or just thinking about attending another MovNat training event, this e-course will help you get the most out of the experience.

Intuitively Designed With Your Success In Mind

Having taught thousands of people in person, we're now delivering that experience online.

  • User-Friendly Follow-Along Format

    We replicated the same proven and highly reviewed follow along format from our first e-course, Natural Movement Fundamentals. You’ll be able to follow along right from your own in-home setup, and implement the program in whatever way is best suited for you. No time is spent standing around, listening to long-winded explanations. You’ll be moving the whole time. Explanations are concise, to the point, and integrated into the movement practice.

  • Personable, Engaging Content

    Both instructors are highly experienced, concise, and encouraging. The goal is for people of all walks of life to reap the benefits of this practice. Therefore, both instructors convey a positive, uplifting tone to encourage you to build and develop your practice, no matter your starting point.

  • Top-Notch Production Quality

    The same high resolution filming, clear sound, gentle panning, and multiple camera angles you’ve come to expect from us will be in full display during this e-course. We’ve chosen the very special venue of MovNat Denver to create just the right vibes for enjoying the experience. You’ll feel like your right there with the group in the class!

    Note: All videos contain Closed Captions in English.

Build Your Foundation of Movement Skill, Fitness, and Capability - Naturally!

Start Today!

Even if you've gotten off track in the past or you're not sure how it's all going to work, we believe you can do this! We've worked with so many people who were hesitant to get started, and doubtful that they could succeed, but who then took a leap of faith and decided to commit anyway. And now they've transformed their movement, their body's, and their lives.

So, if you want to build a foundation of movement skills and fitness that lasts for a lifetime and expand what your body can do, make a firm commitment right now - even if you can't start right away. Your enrollment includes lifetime access and all future updates. So, you can go through the course on your own time and repeat it as many times as you want.

We'll see you in class!

MovNat® Level 1 Fundamentals Will Help You Move Better - Guaranteed

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals will help you systematically build your movement skills and fitness from the ground up - guaranteed.

We are so confident this course will help you achieve your Natural Movement® Fitness goals, that we’ll let you try it for up to 30 days risk-free. If for any reason, you are not totally satisfied, just contact us ( and we'll get you a full refund.

"A beacon of light in the confusing fitness environment."

What our students want you to know

“I attended MovNat's Level 1 & 2 Trainer Certification courses a few years back and came away with practical knowledge and skills that have made me more efficient in how I train and how I move across the landscape, and in turn, vastly improved my overall mobility and fitness. This new e-course is movement-rich and instruction-dense with goal-oriented and process-focused methodology, as well as natural progression from restorative to challenging movements.”

Daniel Vitalis, Host of the WildFed show and podcast

“The new MovNat eCourse is extremely user friendly, and well organized, which makes it easy to get started and stick with. I am recommending it to my family, who want to be more active but say they don't have time to get into a gym. The eCourse is perfect because the movements are all super functional and easy to do at home in your living room. The month's worth of daily moving is ideal for anyone who needs that extra motivation and guidance to be more active and learn how to move better.”

Lauren Fisher, MCT

“A beacon of light in the confusing fitness environment! I've been practicing MovNat for a little over a year now and this new E-Course is worth its weight in gold. By practicing the fundamentals taught in this course, I started moving better. So, I started feeling better and had more energy. So, I read more books. I enhanced my knowledge. Now, I have a peace in my life. So, I started working on the relationships in my life and new doors started opening that I never thought possible. See how this goes? It brought back vitality and a childlike mindset for me. As I am getting more involved in the global MovNat community, my story is a common story. The best part is that if you have a body that moves, it's for you, too. Just buy the course and see for yourself.”

Brandon West, Level 2 MCT

Rebuild Your Body In A Safe, Sustainable And Natural Way

Feedback From Our Students

“Finally, MovNat has taken the next big step to show the world that it’s got the leading role in helping people of any age and background to gain real holistic and natural health, well-being, fitness, and real world capability.

I’m a big fan of the first MovNat e-Course, the co-lab with Katy Bowman from Nutritious Movement, because of not only the two most important proponents of modern restorative Movement finally teaming up, but also the highly professional presentation, quality content, and the genius approach to break MovNat down and ramp Nutritious Movement up so every beginner at any age and condition can smoothly and safely transfer from restorative exercises into Natural Movement Fitness.

This new e-Course, MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals, is now the continuation of that course as well as the entry for folks coming from different paths of fitness - finally aware of what fitness really needs to be. For both, it’s an intro to the journey into the development of real Natural Movement physical competency and a great resource to prepare for MovNat Level 1 Certification.”

Bernd Reicheneder | Magister Artium Dipl. Sportwissenschaft (univ.); MovNat Master Trainer, Team Instructor, and Online Coach; Physiodiagnostic FMS-Specialist

“The MovNat online e-course is not only valuable for beginners looking to start their Natural Movement journey and work towards a full certification, but qualified MCT’s too.

For those just starting with MovNat the e-course offers a concise breakdown of key skills that are needed for the full certification. The benefits include being able to stop and start the training as per your physical space requirements and/or fitness levels. The deconstruction of many skills helps you address inefficiencies in your practice that you may not otherwise have been aware of. Unfortunately, one of the biggest areas we see people not pass at an event is arriving unprepared and deconditioned. While the aim of the certification is not a hell-bent, military style bootcamp, we want to improve your current technique - not teach it without you having never done it before.

You’ll gain so much more from your certification coming well prepared. Even if you have some strength to gain for some of the tests, you’ll be that much closer to reaching your goals by going through this course.

For those not looking to do a certification right now, this e-course is still valuable as you can practice these skills at home and slowly transfer them outside and into your daily life.

Lastly, for those who are already qualified, this e-course allows you deeper insight into movements and techniques that you may have either missed at your event, or have since been updated or reaffirm the key points of each technique. Even as a team instructor I’m always able to learn new insights and improved efficiencies by watching others teach.

I wish I had had this available to me when I did my Level 1. So, take this opportunity and sign up today, you won’t regret the investment :)

Peri Zourides | MovNat Team Instructor and Owner of MovNat South Africa