Learn the Basics of Crawling & Improve your level of Natural Movement Fitness

In this mini E-Course, MovNat Master Instructor Jerome Rattoni guides you through a step-by-step, evolutionarily appropriate progression teaching you the basics of Human Crawling. You will learn to isolate, integrate, and progress through a Natural Movement Crawling Sequence.


“I was able to get a sneak peek of the MovNat Crawling basics e-course. As a movement nerd with a background in kinesiology and motor development I appreciated the link between infant and toddler development to exploring the world. We lose this intention as we age and ignore simple and effective movements like crawling as adults. As a coach and trainer I was happy to see the emphasis on earning your progression and really helping people build proficiency in a simple to follow framework of 10 steps. Whether you are a mover or a coach this e-course will help you better understand the importance of crawling. Learning the skills needed to crawl is a great tool to help you build core strength, improve joint stability, and increase exercise capacity. I highly recommend you check out this e-course today!”

MCT L2 | Owner of Strength Play Nature

Rock Hancock (IG: @strength_play_nature)

“I enjoyed this short breakdown on learning/improving basic crawling techniques. Jerome is a bright personality and an encouraging instructor. He does a great job of breaking down one small set of movements into a series from which someone at any fitness level can benefit. I found it to be super approachable for people who aren't comfortable with groundwork but it also had enough focus on intentionality and body control that it challenged me. It gave me a lot of ideas for drills to use with my clients and in my own routines. I can't wait to put it to use in the gym!”

MovNat Expert Trainer | Managing Director of MovNat Houston

Scott Southworth (IG: @movnat.houston)

Course Outline

10 Evolutionary Steps of Human Crawling

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • An Introduction to MovNat Crawling Basics: 10 Evolutionary Steps of Human Crawling

  • 02

    Let's get started!

    • Step 1: Supine Lying to Prone Lying

    • Step 2: Base Build

    • Step 3: Contralateral Pattern

    • Step 4: Foot Forearm Crawling Foundation

    • Step 5: Foot Forearm Strength Foundation

    • Step 6: Knee Hand Crawl Stability Test

    • Step 7: Foot Hand Crawl Stability Test

    • Step 8: Forward Foot Hand Crawl - Slow & Controlled

    • Step 9: Backward Foot Hand Crawl - Slow & Controlled

    • Step 10: Foot Hand Crawl - Forward & Backward (Regular)

  • 03


    • MovNat Combo: Natural Movement Training

  • 04

    Congratulations on Completing the Course!

    • How to continue your MovNat Journey

Meet your Instructor

As a Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer since 2015 and Master Instructor since 2019, Jerome has taught more than 80 official MovNat Certification events globally, making him one of the most experienced Instructors on the MovNat Team. Jerome has used this extensive experience combined with his role as General Manager for MovNat, to develop excellent MovNat E-courses. He aims to continue developing new ways for people to know and practice our unique Natural Movement method through condensed packages of what he has taught to hundreds of MovNat trainers. Known for his “quick tips” and step-by-step logical progressions that help people “unlock” their movements and potential, Jerome will help improve your fitness and wellbeing, while bringing humor and a true passion for what he does. Whatever your current level of Natural Movement ability, you’re in very good hands with Jerome as your Instructor.

Jerome Rattoni

MovNat General Manager & Master Instructor

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“I just completed this mini crawling e-course. Crawling is one of the most fundamental human movements. One that almost all of us have experienced as children. But it is well known that when babies don’t get a chance to crawl freely they can develop mobility and movement problems that manifest later on in life. Combine this with modern inhibiting footwear, long hours at a desk, in front of a device, and behind a steering wheel and we have a recipe for all kinds of health and mobility problems. This course addresses those in such a simple way it will surprise you. As a MovNat trainer, I’m no stranger to crawling or coaching crawling, but I went through the course with a beginner mind and a swollen knee recovering from a meniscal tear. By the end of step 6 the knee was already feeling better and by the end of the combo, the swelling is all but gone. It was also a surprisingly good mini-workout ahead of a busy day at work. If you are a coach, the simplicity of these 10 steps will give you a ready formula for helping clients regain stability, strength, and coordination. If you are someone looking for a straightforward, easy-to-understand, simple-to-execute movement pattern that addresses many different issues in one go, this course is for you. Highly recommended!””

MovNat Team Instructor | Author of Wing Chun: Skills for Combat, Strategies for Life

Munawar Karim (IG: @movnat_uk)

“This Mini E-Course is another superb product from MovNat which once again delivers precise, deconstructed instruction that makes Natural Movement accessible to everyone. Even if you are a qualified MCT you will gain benefit from this product as it gives great insight into a fundamental pattern that we do and teach a lot. The best thing about breaking down all the steps is that you can identify the inefficiencies at a certain point and work on them before progressing. If you are a novice just getting into the MovNat method you will get great instruction and guidance from Jerome. He will teach you the importance of this evolutionary pattern and why it was critical to our early stage development, and why we need to keep it as a movement skill throughout our whole life. Lastly, you will see how the progression of steps leads to an excellent conditioning tool, if you ever wanted a "Full Body Workout", Crawling is it!”

MovNat Team Instructor | Owner of Seven Star Energy Centre

Peri Zourides (IG: @movnat_africa)

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